– First day –

On our first day, we went over and discussed Elgin Park, a small town constructed by Michael Paul Smith, an American photographer and craftsman. Putting his profession further, Smith decided to design sets of high detailed and portrayal of photo realistic scenes, with each set being on a 1/24th scale.

These dioramas show 20th century scenes, drawing in a large audience of over 70 million people, having a lot of significance to the success of Michaels work over the years. Smith takes advantage of the surrounding locations, using them as the background, building into this with the sets, which are suspended off of the ground, more commonly done by propping his work on a table. Smith uses a shallow angle with his camera, creating the illusion of a photo realistic landscapes.

Michaels use of these particular techniques is what has allowed his work to become of such a large success. Personally I haven’t seen anyone work like this before, using imagery alongside sculptures in order to provide an audience with an illusion of this scale. I admire his artwork a lot and it does inspire me to try a range of different techniques through my work, which could help me to overcome challenges in the future.


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