– Start of project –

We were given our first project in which we will be working on for the next 8 weeks. This particular project is based on Astronomic phenomenas, where we are expected to use various materials that we will put together, creating textures and different shadows/tones, resulting in a range of imagery in which will have come purely from still photography. Using basic Photoshop elements such as blends, downsizing images, layering and opacity alterations, I will be able to put together 10 plates at the end of the project deadline.

To start off, I’m going to look into a range of different phenomenas that are thought to be around. This will enable me to get a better understanding both visually and theoretically of space; images will give me a base for how I could construct different textures, layers and colours along with effects in order to reach my outcome of 10 plates.


For example, with this image of the Helix Nebula, I can begin to identify the different aspects of the image, such as the red in the middle – how could i create this? What materials could I use? Lighting? ect. I can also begin to think of what objects I have access to in this specific timeframe.


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