– Rayleigh Scattering –

What is Rayleigh Scattering?

‘Rayleigh scattering refers to the scattering of light off of the molecules of the air, and can be extended to scattering from particles up to about a tenth of the wavelength of the light. It is Rayleigh scattering off the molecules of the air which gives us the blue sky.’

When you look into the distance from a greater height, you are able to clearly see a range of saturations within the sky, with there being a much higher level in closer range, where the blue is a lot sharper and clearer, compared to further in the distance, where the pigment of blue is a lot weaker. Rayleigh scattering is very easy to spot once you are aware of its existence, although you do have to be at a height where a line of horizon is visible, in order to notice the difference in colour saturation.

Examples –





The purpose of us discussing this is that we will be using this knowledge later on in the week when we go to the castle, where we will be able to see the light well. We are also scheduled to go to the gallery/museum at the castle to take note and make references to artists who used this within their own work. I will also be including that within my blog in order to create a visual record of the trip.


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