– Castle visit –


During our day at university, we went and visited Norwich castle, as this is one of the highest points of Norwich within walking distance. With looking at Rayleigh Scattering, you need to be able to have a good view of a far distance to notice the change in particles and saturation within the sky.

We took these images of the view in order to keep a record of what we could see from the castle. Also visiting the museum/gallery to take pictures of artists work which we felt showed evidence of the theory.

These are some of the images that I took whilst viewing the work that is inside of the gallery, I felt that these ones showed different examples of Rayleigh Scattering, where some are a lot more intense than others with the levels of saturation. By doing this visit I found it quite interesting, as it’s something that I hadn’t noticed or heard of before hand, and with these workshops as well, we are going to need this knowledge in order to apply it to our task.


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