-Curves and Edges –

For another workshop within Photoshop, we took this image off of google, using colour adjustments, we isolated a certain colour within the image using a tool in colour range, and began using curved layers within Photoshop to remove or change the colours.

I chose the remove/lower the green within the trees, as its a large area of the image and I felt that It could work quite well, attempting to turn the image autumnal which I feel I have achieved. This was one of the more difficult workshops, not with how you use the tools, but with the precision and ensuring that you choose a good balance of colour – whilst making sure that it effects only the intended area and stays looking somewhat realistic; with the work that I did on this image, altering the green changed some of the colours on the rocks at the front of the picture, if I were to spend more time on this, I would be able to alter the appearance of the rocks, but because of the time we spent on the workshop, it wasn’t important for anything else to have been changed.

Sunrise at Moraine lakecurve


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