– Progression on Photographs –

After reflecting on our previous sets of images, we were able to gain access to another studio in order to use the equipment needed to create brand new images if needed. My group decided that as our last collection of images didn’t all go as plan, and found that we lacked in a range of materials, we took up this chance to try out some brand new textures and approaches. These contact sheets show our images that we had taken after our first installation, where we experimented with different coloured gels, rocks, salt and smoke. Our intention behind this was to be able to achieve a collection of images that use different materials to what we had done previously. Various images from this shoot were more successful than others, although with this task, that is to be expected – I may also find later on that an image alone may not work but could bring together an image once applied aside other pictures.


Alongside the other images that we had taken prior, I feel that there is a vast range of textures, colours and materials to be seen – this will help when it comes to putting together my plates, where I should be able to find and construct images which make use of various astronomical objects.



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