– First astro plate: Development –

To start of the plate, I chose one of the images where we reflected coloured gels onto foil, as I felt that these were some of my strongest images. From the screenshots, you are able to see the steps that I took, looking at the different blends, attempting to see what works the best, also building up the layers, whilst adjusting the opacity on certain images. I also played around with a number of different images, as one of the other images that I originally applied over the foil image was too pixelated and I resorted to using a different image that showed a similar effect, working a lot better.


As you can see, I tried out different blends on each of the layers in order to get this image which I am satisfied with – however, its only my first image, so from this I will be able to take note of what blends have worked well for me, but with different images, with their brightness and textures etc, certain blends won’t have the same effect.


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