– Duplicating images –


For this workshop, we were given two images, the cliff face, and then an image of this ‘castle’ looking building. With the building, Saint had already used the pen tool to go around it and create the image so that it was just of the building without a background. What we were told to create was an image which had duplicates of the added image, placing it around the cliffs, altering the colour balance in order for it to suit the chosen area. Unfortunately I have lost my notes for this particular workshop, however, at the time I found it okay to achieve, between trying to remember what buttons I was meant to press and tools to use. I think that this will be something that I will be using later on throughout my projects as it seems more relevant than other workshops that we have done.

I would want to try out this technique again, in order to remember how on earth I did it as I enjoyed creating the final image, and in my opinion, I managed to make it look quite realistic.


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