– Clone Tool –

Today we did a workshop where we had to clone an image in order to remove both actors from this Interstellar scene. I found this workshop pretty easy to do as I have previous experience with the tool within Photoshop, however, the way in which we used this tool was slightly different to how I had been taught – although I found this way to be easier.

Below is the image that we started with, where you can clearly see two actors within shot, along with the fire in both the foreground and background. Our task was to initially remove only the woman, although once I had done that, in order to practice the skill more, I then moved on to remove both actors as you will be able to see.


In this next image, you are able to see that the women in the foreground has been removed through using this tool, where as the man remains in the distance – I had to ensure that particularly with the fire, I had to clone it in a specific way in order not to disrupt the whole image.


The end result of this workshop was this next image, where you are left with just the background of the scene.


With each of the workshops that we do, I like to spend some time repeating the technique within other images, so that I can practise what I’ve been taught. However, with this workshop, I felt confident enough with how to achieve the end result that I didn’t go on to try it out on other images.




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