– Pen Tool –


For this workshop, we were focusing on how to use the pen tool in Photoshop to mask an object, in which we can later apply to different images with a clean outline.

Firstly we got an image of a Dolphin, which was underwater – this gave us a neat outline with various curves to work with – we then selected the pen tool and started creating a curved outline around the object, which was very simple as I already know how to use this particular tool within this software.

Once the whole object/chosen area is selected, you then hold command and click over the object, then going on to ‘layer’ along the top of the screen and selecting layer via copy, allowing you to duplicate the selected area that you have created through the pen tool.


With the object isolated from the whole image, you are now able to adjust it as you wish, which can be very helpful when editing and working on certain images as you can deceive the eye with this small trick.

Overall, I found this workshop very simple, due to my existing knowledge within Photoshop, so I won’t be practising this one as much as the others, due to the minimal steps taken in order to achieve it. This will be something that I see myself needing to use throughout my time on this course as I begin to work on other projects, which I also feel confident that I would be able to recreate.





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