– Workshop: Changing Day to Night –

  • Start of with image given, reduce the saturation of the image – using Hue and Saturation tool.
  • Drop down button allows you to change a specific colours. Use this to remove the red from the image – as the darker the image gets, the colder it gets.

*Be careful not to remove all colours as then it becomes obvious that the image it edited*

  • Lower the brightness down, whilst adjusting the contrast layer until you achieve the look of night time.

Sky replacement:

  • Switch off the previous layers, leaving just the original image
  • Place new image of the night sky into the document and adjust accordingly to the image.
  • Double click the new image, opening up a new window
  • The first drop down menu will give you the option to change the blend setting to blue
  • Press alt at the same time as adjusting the image in order to replace the day scene with the night scene

*You can also add a matte to the image, by selecting the paint tool, choosing black, and painting over the sections in which you don’t want the night sky to be*

  • On a new layer, merge all of the layers into one image
  • Effects – lighting effects – use either spot or point light, adjusting the placement of the light in the image
  • Adjust the opacity down and try different blend modes within the image until you are happy with the final document.

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