– Reflection on Project –

Throughout the duration of this project, we have touched on many different subjects, looking at films, particular artists – corresponding with techniques, style and progression, used Photoshop, gone in to our own independent research as such; all to build up to our final outcomes.

Overall, I am happy with this project, although I admit I missed a lot, and could’ve strengthened my ¬†project by ensuring I had every note and technique to hand, but some things are out of my hands and I have tried my best. I’m not saying I don’t have a good understanding of Photoshop as such, as during my previous two years as a Graphic Design student, I’ve got Photoshop sussed (nearly) – but things that the class took part in such as when guest lectures came to University and I missed out in learning first class what it’s like in industry etc, I feel I could’ve benefited from, not just for the insight but also learning from the people themselves how they’ve contributed in amazing films, which is also me geeking out about visual effects.

I feel although with Photoshop and the workshops that I took part in have allowed me to build up my confidence with the software more, now knowing how to do certain techniques which are all going to be very useful for us on this course, overtime I aim to keep refreshing myself with the particular skills that I learn collectively, to enable myself to gain maximum confidence in the steps that it takes to create the final image. Although we didn’t use any of theses when it came to putting together our final plates, I still found it to be quite a challenge only using the blends to achieve a realistic image. This tested me to use my eyes and notice, reflect and adjust any pieces that didn’t seem to go right together for example: making sure that I had colours that could work well together, of similar saturations, light to create shadows if needed, smoke or duller backgrounds in order to create a softness. All being a part of each plate. I found that first 4 or 5 plates to come to me pretty easy, as at that stage I had my fresh pick of all of our images, ultimately choosing a selection of some of my favourite or most successful images and working them together. After these, thats when my ideas began to slow, not wanting to recreate anything partially similar to my other images, I had to think and put together random selections, which many did not work out, it was all a case of trial and error for quite a few days. However, I managed to achieve it and have what I believe to be realistic images, bearing in mind some show development throughout an idea, put together using blends and opacity, they all show different styles and layouts, although some may seem similar, they use different images or I have placed them in a different way, which all comes together to deceive my audience. In small parts, putting together the plates draws in the small amount of time spent on learning about pixels and lens


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