– Nuke –

As we have come back to University for the new term, we have begun learning how to use some new software. To start off our work with Nuke, we were showed how to create a short animation, I chose to use a couple of random photos that I took from shared documents, which were of a rocky landscape and a dolphin, I put both of the images into the software, and created a short animation, where the dolphin moves over the image in the background, increasing in size and rotating throughout the movement.

Doing this was quite difficult, due to this being the first time that I have used the programme, it was hard to remember each aspect of the menus available – I found that I came across a lot of issues with certain things messing up, but this was overcome and I then ended with my final animation. Once I had finished my animation, I then had alot of issues with rendering it even with help, this was difficult to overcome as I don’t know my way around the software.

I found that using this software is quite difficult to get a grip of, although over time I will become used to it, I have found that Adobe softwares have been a lot easier to use, for example, Photoshop, which I have become very familiar with over the past 4 years. I intend on practising the skills that I learn in my spare time in order to become more confident with what I’m doing.



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