– The Lovely Bones –

Over the weekend I watched a film directed by Peter Jackson called The Lovely Bones. I have watched this film countless times and have always admired the creativity behind Jacksons shots. Within the film there are a number of scenes in particular which make use of vfx, one clip that I really liked was were a gazebo falls to pieces in the middle of the woods before Susie (the main character) – I couldn’t find a breakdown of this particular piece, however, I have added the clip below.

I feel that behind the success of this scene is down to the harsh contrast it has with the rest of the film, as Jacksons film isn’t surrounded by surreal scenery, making use of different sets and creative tools, allowing this shot to stand out on a higher level. There was another scene in particular in which I also enjoyed, where a tree, which becomes a key element to the film, turns into birds – from the leaves – merging a switch between two scenes subtly.


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