– Workshop with Andi Sapey –


This week we had a visit from Andi Sapey, a Photographer who works alongside the University. He worked with each of us for the afternoon, taking us around Norwich to take photos of buildings and random objects that give off or show a Victorian style to them. As Norwich is an old city, it was quite easy to gather these images, however, we had to get the shots at the right angles, which would allow us to edit and distort the images to best suit out work later on. We had to look at collecting images that showed off different textures, which can be built up and incorporated into our photos to collectively add to our Victorian Squalor shots.

Together, we have got a wide range of Photos which show different buildings from around Norwich, as well as street signs, lamp posts, cobbles, bricks, moss and gates – this will help us all to create our own individual scenes.

I enjoyed this workshop as I felt that it allowed me to strengthen my knowledge with the camera, putting into practise what Andi showed us from before we began the workshop. This has also allowed me to picture how I can make my Victorian squalor scene work, and what kind of things I would like to include within my work.


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