– Slap Comp –

For this slap comp, I used the pen tool to isolate elements that would be used in the layers, choosing various images from the workshop we did with Andi Sapey – I took time looking at the images to establish which aspects/objects from within the images that I would like to use. When me and Dan were starting to think of the concept of the comp, we looked for various pieces that would work for each foreground, mid and background in order to build up the piece.

We worked with a gate in the foreground, as well as a brick wall, which we transferred to throughout the shot. Then having a clip of Steph, from the green screen in mid ground, finishing off the piece with a building.

I also worked alongside Dan with the keying, with Dan then compositing the shot together.

As this was a quick piece of work, mainly put together to test out and practise our work within Nuke and Photoshop, I think that it has worked quite well, especially with Dan adding the element of blur to the gate as it pans in.



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