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Tim’s Vermeer –


“Tim Jenison, an inventor, who amassed a small fortune throughout his career,  afterwards becoming fascinated by the work of 17th Century Dutch painter Johannes Vemeer – particularly the piece called ‘The Music Lesson’. Jenison became transfixed and determined to work out how Vemeer achieved such a great amount of detail within his piece, which he believed was down to an optical instument. Over the months he applies his creativity and observations to create the piece, allowing him to recreate the work of a great artist.”

Why might the world not want to accept this?

  • The idea of  people being able to create exact replicas rather than own interpretations
  • The fast paced procedure of using this method compared to the efforts and time put into the artists workings

We also discussed the attributes of  Tim Jenison, looking at why he may have become fixated and how he remained determined to recreate the Vermeer to the extent that he did, the small list follows

  • Persistant
  • Patient
  • Desperate
  • Dedicated
  • Insane
  • Purposeful
  • Relentless

As we had just watched this and it seemed clear to all of us as an audience that no visual effects were involved, it initiated a conversation about why we were watching a fine art film, although to me, it seemed fairly obvious, art forms are all linked and study similar attributes, maybe this is because of my previous studies throughout school and college, but we discussed it anyway, making points that link the film to the relevance to us as VFX students.

  1. Fooling the eye – a sense of illusion
  2. Understanding the dynamics of lighting – how this manipulates imagery and influences the overall appearance
  3. Proportions
  4. Attention to detail – similarly with lighting, shadows, angles, context
  5. Finding solutions
  6. Narrative – creating a story through visuals

Watching this documentary/film, whatever you want to call it, was interesting, however, I’m not sure whether thats down to the purpose in content of the film or purely down to Tims perseverance with completing the task that he had set himself. I felt frustrated myself with the whole process and felt the pressure myself for what he was trying to achieve, which I know is strange as part of the audience – but having watched time-lapse after time-lapse amounting to years of work, I felt that it was passed on to the audience, most likely their intention.



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