– Flatpack Photos –

For my flatpack project, after establishing what my idea entailed, I went to the Market in Town and took some photos in order to gain an idea of whether its an eligible idea, as well as what kind of angle I want my photos to come from. I took various shots which show the market scene in a different way, this will allow some flexibility within my project and the composition.

Whilst taking the photos, I understand more of what I wanted to achieve, where as before I wasn’t sure yet as to what approach I would take. I may go back to the market and get more shots but from higher up as I want to be able to view the council building and more market huts from behind, as I feel this will allow me to go ahead with my idea of a bus coming along the road behind. I found that the two buildings ahead of the market that would allow me the best view would be Cafe Nero and a bank, however, Im not sure yet as to whether this would be accessible – I am able to gain a higher view of the market, although it is from behind, from the monument – which I could take into the shot and work around this, altering the concept of my idea. I aim to try working with the images below in order to see whats successful or not.


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