– Sainsburys Centre for Visual Arts –

VFX Short:

My idea for a VFX short would be to use Henry Moores sculpture of two figures called ‘Mother and Child’ – pictured below.


It would be similar to the work that Cyriak does, where physically things are manipulated and warped in extreme ways. There would be a place, where all of the people, buildings and inanimate objects would be like sculptures, made from rock and everything would be made to be moving the whole time, in loose, unnatural and exaggerated ways – in true Cyriak form. There would be a street scene with this statue becoming a duplication throughout, with the building pulsating, quickly increasing and decreasing in size. This particular statue would also be made to have its features such as limbs, neck etc to move in unrealistic manners, maybe expanding in size or appearing to alter to different forms such as liquid to solids. The reason that would justify this kind of movement and world, is that this is of a different world, of a unique life form (if this were to be realistic). Possibly introducing some sort of idea of humidity, where the statues are depicting the movement of melting slowly – initiating the warped movements. To stay relevant to the idea of creating something along the lines of Cyriak’s work, I’d incorporate sound into the piece, being of an alternate slow beat, which would work well alongside the animation as each object would be moving at a reasonable pace to keep the scene upbeat. My reasoning behind these ideas is down to the appearance of the statues themselves, as soon as I came across the piece my mind went straight to Cyriak’s work that he’s done in the past.


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