– Astro –

Putting my minimal Nuke skills into practice, I attempted to make a Cosmo as one of my plates, I made this using pictures of stars and cosmos, introducing the colour and vibrancy to my plate. I used three images overall with this piece, keeping it minimal for my first attempt. I feel that this worked really well and is effective as an Astro piece, by doing this I feel although it has increased my confidence with Nuke as well as myself.


Ive put in screenshots of the development of my work as a reference for myself when it comes to further work that I will be doing, this will allow me to help solve issues if I have similar problems to what I came across with this plate, providing I am using/looking at similar techniques and textures. I should be able to refer to these images, getting to grips with certain nodes and their functions. screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-22-15-34

I am really happy with this piece of work as my first attempt, it came out very similar to the idea that I had originally and I feel although all of the images move and function really well together. Although it was stressful putting this together and trying to figure out various problems, I feel more confident in myself now with what I know I can achieve through this programme.

I may go on to add to this piece, looking at adding an object within the plate, creating more depth and detail within the piece. By doing that it will also push me to use Nuke more as I will be using different techniques and areas that I might not be as comfortable with.


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