– Passengers –

I watched Passengers in my own time as I’ve heard only good things about the ADG winning film. I really enjoyed the film, particularly the visual effects and general editing of the scenes, I felt that throughout the duration of the film, everything worked well together, with the shots transitioning smoothly.

Although this film and set design is set in ‘space’ I didn’t feel although you saw that much or got as much of a space feel until nearer the end of this film, however, there were a small number of scenes which showed good links to both of my current projects that have projected ideas to me – particularly the scene where everyone has awoken on the ship and there are plants surrounding the open communal areas of the ship – this ties in with my flatpack, as it has a similar feature to my idea, with the portrayal of nature taking over, in a dystopian way.

I took these screenshots from the ending of the film to show an insight to some ideas that I’ve been able to gain from watching this film – these were the most relevant scenes throughout the duration toward my astro project. Each of these images have sparked ideas for a number of plates in which I would want to attempt within Nuke.


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