– Working in 3D –

Today we worked in Nuke, practicing working with 3D, we started off trying different aspects – doing things like putting a plane in and creating a sphere. The purpose of this was for us to get used to the different shapes that are available within the software pre set.


We added a cylinder to our node graph in order to start looking at how we can incorporate different shapes into the same project – navigating them around the plane using the controls as well as transforming the shapes.

3d cam

For the purpose of working within 3D, we introduced another viewer, in order to give ourselves different viewpoints of what we were creating – with one viewer focusing on a birds eye view whilst the other looks on from a different angle. This makes it easier for you to ensure different elements are lined up right as well as being the correct size – this is done through a Camera, showing you a small window, through the prospective of the lens.


Afterward we started adding in more shapes, attempting to create some form of atom which we would then animate. Only using the Cylinder and Spheres – I put my shape together using 2 cylinder and 6 spheres, then duplicating the scene to have another form of my atom but on a smaller scale.

atom colours

Capturefinallight colourchecklightcheckermoleculescanline render

All of these photos show the process of how I managed to achieve the video below. I made use of adding lighting to the animation – adding two different colours to my 3D elements – including these within my final animation as well in order to achieve the different shadows. I also placed a constant within this piece so that there was a contrast within my final piece – I chose a light blue in order to contrast against the lighting colours that I chose for the atoms.

I really enjoyed doing this small exercise today as it put into practice working with both the 3D elements within Nuke as well as cameras and lighting which Im not confident with – also taking me away from project work for a short amount of time which really helped me to focus more. This was a good and helpful way to get in practise within the software itself as well as teaching myself new things. Im really happy with the final animation and I’m actually impressed with myself that I could create something like that!


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